Indigo CV's


1991 – 2006

1990 – 1991

1989 – 1990

1985 – 1989

1984 – 1985

Vibeke Maj Magnussen

Indigo Design Studio

Independent furniture and exhibition designer, interior decorator, graphic designer and photographer

references from this period:

The Danish Museum of Art and Design
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
The Danish Music Museum
Architect Jørn Utzon
The Municipality of Elsinore
Cultural Festival Hamlet Sommer
Circus Benneweis
Post Danmark
SpadilleMediMentum CRO
Fröseke Möbler A/B

Studies in theoretical and practical sculpture, Department of Art, State University of New York, USA, professor Edward Mayer

Photographer at Arne Magnussen Photography

Studies at Danmarks Designskole (The Danish Design School)

Studies in Art History at The University of Copenhagen


1998 – 2006

1996 – 1998

1991 – 1996

1989 – 1991

1985 – 1989


Claus Boye Petersen

Indigo Design Studio

esigner and developer at Nanna Ditzel Design A/S

Project manager at
SIS International A/S, Helsinge

Independent Industrial Designer. Main business area was consultancy and innovation tasks for other design companies, manufacturers and public institutions

Selected references from this period:

Nanna Ditzel Design A/S
Architect SIR, Sture Roj Isacsson, Sweden
Sculptura Aps, Denmark
The Municipality of Hørsholm
The Municipality of Copenhagen
Tumin Plast A/B, Sweden
Engineer, Peter Munch Kofoed
Engineer, Per Ljungström, Sweden Architect MAA, Svend Aage Hansen
Architect MDD, Eva Würtz
Architect MAA, Jørn Würtz

Prime assistant for designer Mrs. Nanna Ditzel

Studies at Danmarks Designskole (The Danish Design School)

Qualified cabinetmaker.
PP Møbler, Allerød, Denmark